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What is JointJS?

JointJS is a tested and proven JavaScript/Typescript diagramming library that helps developers and companies of any size build visual and No-Code/Low-Code applications faster and with confidence.

It's a flexible tool from which a wide range of UIs can be created (interactive diagramming applications, drawing tools, data visualizations, UIs for monitoring systems, and many more). It can become the foundational layer of your next application and help you bring your idea to market in days, not months or years.

Use Cases

What is the difference between JointJS and JointJS+?

JointJS is an open-source diagramming library that lets you create fully interactive diagramming tools for all modern browsers, relying only on JavaScript and SVG.

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JointJS provides:

  • a suite of tools for working with nodes and edges
  • a package for calculations on SVG shapes and their interactions
  • a package for dealing with SVG transformations and text

JointJS+ is a commercial extension to JointJS that provides a number of pre-made plugins to extend the free tier's functionality.

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JointJS+ includes everything from JointJS, and adds plugins for:

  • ready-to-use UI components
  • advanced control interactions
  • automatic graph layout algorithms
  • export/import functionality to a wide variety of formats
  • printing from the browser and creating slideshow presentations from diagrams
  • shapes for BPMN and VSM

Feel free to refer to the full list of features of both and reach out to us for a free 30-day trial.

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Want to dive right in? This guide is just for you!

JointJS features

Looking for more detailed information? We have it:

API reference

Need to get to the nitty-gritty technical stuff? You will find it in our API reference, which includes: